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Time Inc. Web TV Series casting for Real People who want to get world class financial advice, Pay = $1,000!


Seeking people who could use personal financial advise from world renowned financial journalist and money guru and journalist Jean Chatzky - from the Today Show and Money 911.

Do you need help reaching your financial goals? Are you trying to save for retirement, plan for your children's education, or want to buy your first home? Video project featuring a highly respected NY Times best seller and financial guru who regularly appears on the Today Show, CNN and Money 911 wants to speak to you. Looking for families, couples, singles who are in need financial advise. You must be currently employed (or about to retire), earn a combined household income of at least $75,000 and receive full benefits (health and 401K) from your employer.

Any financial story in need of advise is fair game!

What it is: website content page with video and some print exposure.

Payment: $1,000 stipend per family/household for participation

Shoot dates: Feb 4 & Feb 5 (consists of 1 day shooting in/around your home, office, etc.)

Please send photographs of you and your family along with your story and what financial advise you are seeking. Looking for people of all ages – 30’s, 40’s 50’s and beyond.

Email your story and pictures to

• You are in your thirties but are worried about future savings. Perhaps you’ve decided you want a future career change and would like to save/invest enough so in five years you can go back to school and get your Master’s degree; or maybe you want to invest in an apartment, or start your own business.

• You are a couple in your forties with two children and would like to start putting money away for your children’s College Fund. You want to know if there is any way to save when you and your husband already feel that the cost of living is a financial strain.

• You had investments in the market and due to the recession and/or a medical condition, that money no longer exists and it’s affected your life. You would like to get back on track and start saving again.

• You are retiring in five to ten years and, because of recent financial issues, are unsure if you will be able to afford your big retirement dream (for example: sailing around the world, opening a bed and breakfast, etc.) and still have enough savings left to live on.

• You are fully retired and need help with managing your income.

• You have just been laid off from a job you had for the past ten years and after being unemployed for several months, you have started a completely new career and are getting paid a much lower salary. You need help figuring out how your family can get by, or maybe advice on what to do with your 401K.

Thanks and we look forward to hearing your stories!!
Phone: 212.996.2628 /646.688.5777

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