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July 28, 2009

Vital Tested: Breathwork Meditation

This energy healer is a breath of fresh air.

It's Sunday afternoon: we've got laundry to do, lists to make and bills to pay.

Enter Stephanie Jones, an energy healer with a BA from Yale who looks 19. When we find out she's 30 we're dumbfounded. What's her secret? She tells us it's all about catching your breath: Breathe in threes.

As she massages scented oils on our chakra points, Stephanie shows us how to fill our bellies with air, then our lungs, exhaling through our mouth. The three-part breathing technique quiets the mind and gets energy moving through the body.

It's a natural high. Within five minutes we feel practically drugged. Finally, we're completely still, almost heavy with relaxation. (Tears have been known to flow, a result of truly letting go.)

Go back in time. We end with normal breathing (now a cinch) while Stephanie asks us to picture our seven-year-old self and tell her what she has to look forward to, from our first kiss to falling in love.

Where therapy, yoga and massage had failed, 30 minutes with Stephanie took our breath away.

Stephanie Jones and her sister currently practice in NYC, the Hamptons and the Washington, D.C. area. Contact her to schedule a session, (571) 643-3143, or email:

$108 for individual sessions, $35 each for group sessions of three or more people.

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