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Be Happy: Naam Yoga Videos for Happiness

When it comes to connecting mind, body and spirit Naam Yoga Therapies deliver the lovely gift of yoga in one of the most positive ways possible. Our Happiness DVD Program allows you to practice yoga for true self awareness in the comfort of your own home or studio. Instructor Elena Vasilenka, takes you on a spiritual tour of happiness to find and be the ‘best’ you possible.

What Is Naam Yoga?

Naam Yoga isn’t just your ordinary yoga class, but a yoga that explores therapeutic yoga styles through physical and spiritual rehabilitative poses. Built for people of all ages and flexibility ranges, Naam takes a joyful and happy approach to mind and body wellness through universal consciousness. Through breath, sound and movement, this style yoga balances with total body wellness:

Raises energy levels
Balances the glandular, digestive, and nervous systems
Strengthens the immune system
Relieves chronic pain
Reduces emotional disturbance
Manages and reduces stress
Reduces anxiety and depression
Breaks negative thought and emotional patterns
Improves overall health and wellbeing
Increases feelings of happiness and contentment

Seek Happiness with Elena

Born from her own experience as a yogi, her goal is to help others. Creator of Naam Yoga Therapies for Happiness DVD Program, a Harmonyum healing practitioner and Board Certified Holistic Health Coach, Elena lives and teaches Naam Yoga in sunny Santa Monica, CA. Her personal goals for her yoga students are to truly be happy, not only look happy but to find your ‘real’ self. The feeling that you are divine and blessed through mind, body, and soul. Recognized by the “Yoga Alliance as a Yoga Therapy” Naam Yoga Happiness DVD Program will set you on a course of true and total happiness for the rest of your life.

Check out the Happiness DVD Program for divine body wellness today!

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